Emergency Medical Service


10428 Spencer Highway
La Porte, TX 77571



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Name Title Email Phone
Dr. Oscar Boultinghouse, MD, FACEP Medical Director  
TJ Alessi Paramedic II 281-470-0068
Delena Bentley Paramedic I 281-470-0079
Lisa Camp Assistant Chief 281-470-0051
Stephanie Cates Paramedic II, Bike Medic 281-470-0057
Jakob Creed Paramedic I 281-470-0077
Darrell Fales Paramedic II, SWAT Medic 281-470-0071
Rachel Gomez Lieutenant 281-470-0073
Ryan Gomez Lieutenant, Bike Medic 281-470-0056
Randy Hanks Paramedic I 281-470-0074
Erin Holmes Paramedic I 281-470-0052
Alice Keener Billing Specialist 281-470-0054
Reagan Kemp Paramedic II 281-470-0055
Shawn Kominek Captain and Supply Coordinator 281-470-0066
Kelly Lathrem Lieutenant, SWAT Medic, Bike Medic 281-470-0075
Tim Malta Paramedic II, Bike Medic 281-470-0072
William Miller Paramedic II, SWAT Medic, Bike Medic 281-470-0085
Colton Mills Paramedic Intern  
Ray Nolen Chief of EMS 281-471-9244
Trudy Rayburn Captain & Records Custodian 281-470-0060
John Rodriguez Paramedic I, Bike Medic 281-470-0082
Shantel Stephenson Paramedic II, Bike Medic 281-470-0078
John Talley Paramedic II 281-470-0076
Ehren Torres Paramedic II, SWAT Medic, Bike Medic 281-470-0083