Historic School House Renovation


Budget Expenditures
Encumbrances Budget Remaining
Fiscal Year 13-14

Fiscal Year 14-15


Project Description
This design for the restoration of the historic schoolhouse has been complete.  The City has applied for a grant to fund the majority of the cost to construct the improvements.  As part of this grant, the City is required to contribute 20% of the project total.  The project represents the City’s match and will be funded through a transfer from the Hotel Motel Fund. 

Future Operating Impact
The School House will require maintenance and utilities will impact future operational budgets.  The City’s share of operational costs has not been identified at this time. 

First Quarter FY 14-15
In the Fiscal Year 14-15, for the Historic Colored School, we utilized the encumbered $5,000 for initial grant writing and historic research.  On 1/26/15, Council approved the budget for Ray Hollington Architects, Inc. to complete the following: 
  1. Design Phase - $46,650
  2. Condition Assessment - $7,500
  3. Grand Assistance for CDBG - $3,500
  4. Section 106 Coordination - $2,600
  5. National Trust Grant Writing - $2,300
  6. Historic Designation Applications - $13,250
  7. Architectural Design - $17,500
  8. Construction Documents Phase - $27,500
  9. Bidding / Negotiation Phase - $2,000
  10. Construction Phase - $10,000
  11. Total - $86,150

As of 2/3/15, the National Trust for Historic Preservation grant application has been submitted.

Second Quarter FY 14-15
As of 3/31/15, the National Trust for Historic Preservation grant application that was submitted on 2/3/15 was denied.  The Preservation Fund simply ran out of money, as our application came late in the year, at that time they have already granted all the available funds.  We received a letter from our case worker from the National Trust for Historic Preservation strongly encouraging us to reapply saying “our application looks fantastic and is very strong”.  We believe once we apply, and money is available, we will be granted the funds.  On 4/21/15 City representatives have a project kick off meeting with Harris County Community Services to discuss the future of the project.