Phase 2


Budget Expenditures
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Fiscal Year 12-13

Fiscal Year 13-14


Fiscal Year 14-15



Project Description
This CDBG Ike grant funded project (round 2.1) will provide for the second phase of the Little Cedar Bayou drainage improvements.  Phase I was completed in 2011 and included a 28 acre regional detention basin south of W. Main Street.  Phase II consists of 1.3 miles of bayou widening between W. Main and Sens Road.  While the entire project is not contemplated in the upcoming budget, the project scope will be derived from the 1.5 million of funds available from the grant.  The current scope will provide engineering of the entire project as well as acquisition and construction of approximately 1000 linear feet working northward from W. Main.  In addition, the upstream end of this project (Sens Road the railroad tracks) will be constructed by Harris County at such time as they commence the Sens Road widening project. Tree mitigation survivability contract signed for environmental clearance to proceed with ROW acquisition.

First Quarter FY 14-15
Environmental review requires additional monitoring of proposed tree mitigation for a self mitigating project. An Environmental Consultant Company is being sought to monitor tree survivability for 5 years. 

Second Quarter FY 14-15
Environmental Consultant Contracted for tree survivability monitoring.