Runway & Entryway Signage, Lighting, and Fencing


Budget Expenditures
Encumbrances Budget Remaining
Fiscal Year 12-13

Fiscal Year 13-14

Fiscal Year 14-15



Project Description
This project will fund the addition of new entry signs along Spencer Highway and also the replacement of runway signage that is severely faded, which makes the letters indiscernible, runway lighting around the airport, and fencing repairs. The total cost of these projects is approximately $40,000. The City is applying for a RAMP grant to fund the other half of the project.

First Quarter FY 14-15
This FY 12-13 listed above is deleted. Will not be pursued.

There is a $60,000 Ramp Grant project approved by city council in September 2014. Work completed in the first quarter: airport / animal shelter sign on order. Staff obtaining quotes for replacement runway/taxiway designation signs for runway areas. City crews installed way finding signage on county routes.

Second Quarter FY 14-15
Public Works changed faded taxiway identification signage. Quotes for pavement markings were too high ($30,000) considering anticipated resurfacing in 2-years. An on-site operator inspected the existing markings from the air and determined minimum work necessary to be completed by city crews.