Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation


Budget Expenditures
Encumbrances Budget Remaining
Fiscal Year 14-15


Project Description
Public Works Department will perform in-house rehabilitation of sewers by slipline, point repairs, manhole sealing, smoke testing, and TV inspection. This program is mandated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Future Operating Impact
This is an annual replacement/maintenance program, so there is no impact on future operational costs.

First Quarter FY 14-15
City-wide, in- house forces have smoke tested 89,058 feet, performed 13 point repairs, 318 manhole inspections, 89 manhole and cleanout repairs, cleaned 22,503 feet and televised 2,846 feet. Areas inspected and smoke- tested were Fairmont Park East and Central La Porte.

Contract forces have rehabilitated 3,857 feet and replaced 22 service connections in Brookglen subdivision and East La Porte.

Contract Forces also cleaned 7,573 feet and televised 8,587 feet in east La Porte. The cleaning and TV inspection contract is expired and will receive quotes in February.

Second Quarter FY 14-15
In- house forces have smoke- tested 2,557 feet and conducted 65 manhole inspections in Northwest La Porte. City-wide, In- house personnel have performed 25 manhole and cleanout repairs, 25 point repairs, replaced 143 feet of sewer main, cleaned 26,238 feet and televised 2,657 feet.

Contract forces have rehabilitated 80 vertical feet of manholes in southeast La Porte.