Animal Shelter

   Budget Expenditures
 Encumbrances  Budget Remaining
Fiscal Year 11-12
 $985,000 $6,600    
Fiscal Year 12-13
Fiscal Year 13-14
 $500,000  $920,472    
Fiscal Year 14-15
   $377,413  $12,222
 Total  $1,485,000 $1,350,796 $12,222 $121,982

Project Description
Additional funding for a new facility is that offers 6,000 square feet under roofing, with thirty-nine cages in kennel areas, including general population and quarantine. A cattery will include sixty cages, including general population, adoption and isolation. The new facility will have restrooms for employees and guests, proper storage areas for supplies, reporting areas and working stations for animal control officers, and a guest visitation area with lobby. The new facility will also provide for a cleaner, modern and aesthetically appealing atmosphere for employees and guests to the facility. The project budget includes site work, facility construction, parking, fencing, new cages, furniture, and facility equipment.

Future Operating Impact:
The future operating impact, including utilities, is approximately $10,000 annually and has been included in the FY2014 operational budget for PD, as well as, the long range projections

First Quarter FY 14-15
Work continued at the shelter with the HVAC systems being completed, all electrical, computer, phone and plumbing was completed. As the project draws to a finish, the ceiling tiles were installed, interior millwork was completed and items such as appliances were ordered. Outside work including completion of lighting, fencing at kennels, and fencing of the perimeter of facility. Concrete pads for sitting areas and gazebo were also completed. The outdoor canopy was started as well.

The contractor is working to complete the project as quickly as possible. Most major construction projects were complete or nearing completion. Installation of the main digital sign, security system, mag locks for doors and battery back-up lights under the canopy, seeding of the yard, and punch list items are required for project completion. Furniture delivery and installation as well as equipment are needed to be delivered and set up as well.

Second Quarter FY 14-15
The building has been completed and is operational and running. Staff are identifying and preparing to resolve storage and back-up power issues. These items should be resolved within the next quarter.