Glen Meadows Parks & Central Park Playground

   Budget  Expenditures  Encumbrances  Budget Remaining
 Fiscal Year 14-15
 $60,000 $31,788    
 Total  $60,000 $31,788    $28,212

Project Description
This year’s funding will be used to address equipment at Glen Meadows and Central Parks. Both parks will received new play structures/apparatus.

Future Operating Impact
No additional operational costs are anticipated for the equipment replacement.

First Quarter FY 14-15

The equipment for Central Park was received and will be installed during the second quarter of FY 14-15. Once staff begin working on Central Park, the equipment for Glen Meadows Park will be ordered.

Second Quarter FY 14-15

Due to extremely wet weather, staff were not able to complete the playground installation. Both old playgrounds have been removed. Staff also worked on building up the base at Glen Meadows. When the ground is dry enough, staff will begin installing the new playground at Central Park and order the playground for Glen Meadows Park.