Animal Adoption Center and Shelter

The Animal Control Division of the La Porte Police Department is responsible for animals within the city limits. The animal shelter is located at 10901 Spencer Highway. The animal control officers are dispatched by the La Porte Police Department.


All volunteers at our shelter must complete a paper application, be cleared by background and reference checks, and attend a classroom training that lasts approximately 90 minutes.

The application to become a volunteer with the Adoption Center & Shelter is available by following this link: Volunteer Application

Number of Animals Allowed

It is unlawful to have more than three dogs or cats or any combination thereof over the age of four months.

Barking Dogs

If you have a problem with a dog barking contact the Animal Control Division at 281-471-3810.

Cat and Dog Traps

Cat and dog traps are available to be checked out at the animal shelter. You must be a resident of La Porte to check out a trap and have a form of ID with your address on it. Traps are checked out in 3-day increments.