Direct Sellers in Residential Neighborhoods


Complete a Application for Canvasser, Solicitor, and Peddler's License/Solicitor's Permit.

Click here to review information on solicitation from the City's Code of Ordinances.

Application Requirements

Drop off the following for the City Secretary's Office at City Hall:

  1. Completed application and attachments it requests (legal documents, letters of reference, official IDs, etc.).
  2. Required fees listed in the table below.
  3. If obtaining a food permit, a Harris County Public Health Department health permit must be provided. (Food truck requirements are at
You will be contacted when the permit has been issued or if anything is needed in order to complete the process. You may check on the permit by contacting the City Secretary's Office at or 281-470-5021.


Type Fee Details
License Fee
$75 Annual license runs from January to December
Surety Bond
Solicitor's Badges
$2 This badge must be worn by each solicitor going door-to-door. This fee is also refundable if the applicant does not qualify as a City solicitor.