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City Presents Tell Us Your Story Video Project at Main Street Morning Brew

La Porte, TX—The August Main Street Morning Brew, presented by the City of La Porte, will feature a presentation of the Tell Us Your Story video project. The August Main Street Morning Brew will be at the Evelyn Kennedy Center, 618 San Jacinto Street, in La Porte, on Wednesday, August 25, from 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. The event is free and open to the public. 

Tell Us Your Story is 32-minute video production that is the culmination of a series of lengthy interviews with ten La Porte citizens who responded to the City's call for stories last summer and who agreed to tell their stories on tape. Their on-camera stories are interspersed with a running voiceover narration and photographs and video illustrating La Porte’s history. The program was designed to inform the public and the citizens of La Porte about the city’s history, and producers hope that it serves the additional purposes of involving the La Porte community in telling La Porte’s story to the public, generating interest in Main Street, and reminding business owners and the public of the importance of preserving the historic integrity of our community. In addition to the Morning Brew, the City will also be presenting the film at the Rotary Club meeting on August 24.

Main Street Morning Brew is a monthly program designed to introduce La Porte business owners and tenants to each other, and to educate them on the fundamentals of economic development in the community. The hour-long gathering includes coffee, refreshments, and a short presentation about topics pertinent to La Porte’s economic development, which has a major focus in the Main Street district in La Porte. All La Porte business owners and tenants are welcome to attend.

For additional information about Main Street Morning Brew, please contact Stacey Osborne at 281-470-5017. You can also find information online at the Main Street section of the City of La Porte website, www.laportetx.gov.

For additional information about the City of La Porte and the Tell Us Your Story video, please contact Stacey Osborne at (281) 470-5017.