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Animal Control Division


The Animal Control Division of the La Porte Police Department is responsible for animals within the city limits. The animal shelter is located at 10901 Spencer Highway. The animal Control Officers are dispatched by the La Porte Police Department.

Animal Control hours are:
Monday - Friday
6:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday
7:00 am - 3:00 pm

Rabies Vaccination: All Dogs and Cats are required by law to have a current rabies vaccination by the age of four months. The Rabies Tag is required to be worn by the animal at all times.

City Registration: All Dogs and Cats are required by the city to have a city registration by the age of four months. City registrations can be purchased at City Hall located at 604 West Fairmont. The cost for city registration is five dollars for an unaltered animal there is no fee for an altered animal. The registration is due on January 1 of each year. You must have a copy of your animal’s rabies vaccination certificate when purchasing the city registration.

Animal Bites: Any bite or scratch by an animal shall be reported immediately to the Animal Control Division for investigation at 281-471-3810.

Number of Animals Allowed: It is unlawful to have more than three dogs or cats or any combination thereof over the age of four months.

Running at large off the premises: Any dog which is not restrained by means of a leash or chain of sufficient strength and not more than six feet in length to control the actions of such animal while off the premises, or any cat which is off the owner’s property.

Running at large on the premises: Any dog not confined on the premises of the owner by a substantial fence of sufficient strength and height to prevent the animal from escaping, or secured on the premises by a metal chain or leash sufficient in strength to prevent the animal from escaping from the premises and so arranged that the animal will remain upon the premises when the leash is stretched to full length. A dog intruding upon the property of another person other than the owner shall be termed at large. Any animal within an automobile or other vehicle of its owner or owner’s agent shall not be deemed at large. A female dog in heat that is not enclosed shall be considered at large, whether on or off the premises. If you have a problem with a dog running at large, on or off the premises, contact the Animal Control Division at 281-471-3810.

Barking Dogs: If you have a problem with a dog barking contact the Animal Control Division at 281-471-3810.

Animal waste disposal: The owner and/or custodian of every animal shall be responsible for the sanitary disposal of, and shall dispose of, any excreta deposited by an animal under his or her control on all public property, including, but not limited to, public walks, streets, recreation area and parks, and also upon all private property not within the control, possession or supervision of said owner or custodian.

Adoption: The La Porte Animal Shelter adopts animals every day during normal business hours. All animals adopted through the shelter are required to have a current rabies vaccination and be spayed or neutered. The La Porte Animal Shelter Also Participates on the Petfinder.com website.

Animal Redemption: An owner of a dog or cat wishing to claim their animal from the shelter must contact the shelter and make arrangements to pick up the animal and pay the fees. The pound fees are $35.00 for the first 24 hours and $5.00 for every additional 24-hour period. If the animal is not currently vaccinated for rabies a fee of $10.00 will be added for a rabies vaccination. If the animal does not have a current City registration the registration fees will apply.

Cat and Dog Traps: Cat and Dog Traps are available to be checked out at the animal shelter. You must be a resident of La Porte to check out a trap and have a form of ID with your address on it. Traps are checked out in three-day increments.

Wild animals and Dangerous Wild Animals: Wild Animals and Dangerous Wild Animals must be registered with the City before bringing the animals into the City of La Porte. Registration packets are available at the Animal Shelter, at 10901 Spencer Highway, in La Porte.