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Clean City Street Program

Your group can earn $200 each quarter they volunteer to clean a segment!!

If you’ve looked around lately you can see that the City of La Porte has been making great strides in improving the public landscape around the City. There have been a number of beautification efforts that are really beginning to pay off in terms of improving the way La Porte looks, both to our residents and to visitors. Our Code Enforcement staff has stepped up their efforts in getting the City more presentable and keeping us moving in the right direction when it comes to improving La Porte’s quality of life and appearance. As a part of our continued beautification effort, we need your help!

The City is experiencing a surprisingly large amount of litter on our major thoroughfares, especially Fairmont Parkway. Trash is strewn from SH146 all the way east to the eastern city limit at Luella and it seems to reappear as fast as it is picked up. The City of La Porte is ready to begin a “Clean City Street” program here in La Porte that would, with a little bit of effort from a lot of folks, really help the appearance of our City. Several of the community service organizations, Rotary International, Bayshore Baptist, as well as volunteers from Albemarle, have already indicated that they would like to participate.

The program would be simple. Fairmont Parkway would be divided into Four segments:

  • Segment 1 - SH146 to Driftwood
  • Segment 2 - Driftwood to Underwood
  • Segment 3 - Underwood to Luella
  • Segment 4 - Spencer Hwy - Sens to Driftwood

Here are the benefits:

  • You get lots of exercise for one Saturday morning
  • The litter on this segment gets picked up and La Porte looks better!
  • And, Last but not Least; upon verification of your completion, your organization gets a $200 check from the City for your hard work!

What a great way for your group to make some extra money! So, if your service organization is interested in participating in the campaign, please contact your Public Works Department representative, Shonda Ingle at 281.471.9650.  Together we can continue to make La Porte a better, more attractive city to live in and work in. Give us a call and check back regularly for areas in need of cleanup.