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1. I want to put a vending machine in my place of business. Do I need a permit?
2. How do I arrange for building inspections?
3. What size building requires a building permit?
4. Where do I go to get a building permit?
5. How much does a permit cost?
6. Can a homeowner get his / her own construction permit?
7. Is a permit required if I want to clear my land?
8. Where does a contractor register to work in La Porte?
9. Who do I call to get a permit for certain construction work?
10. Who reviews construction plans in La Porte?
11. Where can I get a copy of the deed to my property?
12. I want to tear down an old detached garage that is behind my house. Do I need a permit?
13. I want to build a fence that is 8 feet high. Who do I contact about regulations?
14. I have opened a new business and would like to have a grand opening. Will I need permission from the City to do this?
15. I want to have a business in my home. What do I need to do?
16. I want to move a small storage building onto my property. Do I need a permit?
17. I want to open a business in an existing building. Do I need a permit?
18. Do I need a permit to put a swimming pool in my backyard?
19. Do I need to put a fence around my swimming pool?
20. Do I need a permit to reroof my own home?
21. I want to put a sign on my business. Do I need a permit?