Emergency Response & Resources

  • Chairperson - Richard Bass, Kuraray
  • April Mack
  • Jared Johansen
  • Steve Buffington
  • David Knowles
  • Tim Lancelin
  • Ray Cook
  • Thomas Neskora
  • Andrew Gutacker
  • Kevin DeShazo
  • Edgar Mejias
  • William Lathan
  • Carl Holley
  • Bonnie Bainter
  • Ray Smiley Sr.
  • Ginger Lambert
  • Jason Soto
  • Bud Melder
  • David Wade
  • Walt Stringer
  • Chad Holley
  • Frank Lerch
  • Tim Mann
  • Phillip Barker
  • Toni Atwell
This Committee will work with the Hazardous Facilities Liaison Committee and with existing emergency response organizations in jurisdictions within the planning district to review and help the local emergency management office(s) test a hazardous substance emergency response plan for the planning district as required by law. This Committee shall review existing federal, state, and local plans for the purpose of coordination with the LEPC planning process.

Charter - Emergency Response Resources