Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - Phase 1

   Budget Expenditures
 Encumbrances  Budget Remaining
 Fiscal Year 12-13
 $60,000  $52,102    
 Fiscal Year 13-14
 Fiscal Year 14-15
 Total  $60,000  $59,974   $26

Project Description
This project will convert users existing workstations to a “virtual” environment, essentially replacing the computer tower at each workstation and replacing it with equipment that links the user and user’s profile to a server. Phase I includes the transition of approximately 75 desktop computers. The goal of the project is to reduce the amount of hardware maintained by the City, provide better service to the end user making the user desktop available to IT staff remotely, and reduce the overall cost of maintaining the computer fleet. Additionally, the virtual desktop will also give end users the ability to link back to their desktop using wireless technology, such as an iPad, smart phone, or from home.

First Quarter FY 14-15
This project is complete.