Northside Spray Park

   Budget  Expenditures  Encumbrances  Budget Remaining
 Fiscal Year 14-15
 $550,000  $17,449  $385,224  
 Total  $550,000  $17,449  $385,224  $147,327

Project Description
This project includes installation of 10-12 water feature pieces, all filtration and pump systems required, concrete pad, and filtration system enclosure. The location of the proposed spray park is adjacent to the existing playground across from Jennie Riley Center.

Future Operating Impact
The future operational impact for the spray park was estimated based on an existing splash park. Maintenance costs for chemicals, electricity and water are estimated to cost approximately $9,000 per year.

First Quarter FY 14-15
Staff designed the Spray Park and council approved the expenditure. This Spray Park has a zoo theme that includes a giraffe, zebra, and lion. The equipment is on order and staff met with the contractor, Kraftsman, to go over the site layout and the color selections.

Second Quarter FY 14-15

The equipment is being fabricated. Staff began site preparations.