Pay Online

  1. Account Receivables Payments

    Find out how to pay retiree insurance, EMS contracts, and more.

  2. Building Permits & Inspections Online Center

    Pay for various permits and inspection fees with the City of La Porte.

  3. EMS Payment Center

    Visit the EMS Payment Center to pay for rendered EMS services.

  4. Municipal Court Payments

    Learn how to pay your court citations online and how to search for your citation.

  5. Property Tax Payments

    The City of La Porte collects taxes for the Cities of La Porte, Morgan's Point and Shoreacres, and for the La Porte Independent School District.

  6. Pay My Utility Bill

    The City of La Porte's Click2Gov service for water and sewer customers provides the ability to pay City utility bills online with Visa or MasterCard.