Learn About

  1. City Community Service Projects

  2. Emergency Planning

    The La Porte, Morgan's Point and Shoreacres Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) works with local government to develop emergency plans and increase citizen awareness of the appropriate actions to take during a chemical emergency.

  3. Galveston Bay Foundation

    The City of La Porte partners with the Galveston Bay Foundation to come up with ways to increase public education and awareness of ways to improve water quality in Galveston Bay.

  4. Immunizations

    View the immunization schedules for the 3 different locations surrounding the La Porte area.

  5. Jury Service

    Jurors perform a vital role in the American justice system.

  6. Outdoor Burning

    Outdoor burning is not allowed in certain situations pertaining to open burning, recreation and commercial burning.

  7. Safe Driving

    Learn about traffic-related deaths due to texting and drunk driving.

  8. West Nile Virus

    Mosquitoes in Texas are a problem. There's no arguing that. There is, however, a lot of misinformation out about the West Nile Virus and the risks associated for our residents. The City of La Porte sprays throughout the City when mosquito trap counts reach a certain level, And while Harris County has not had any confirmed cases of West Nile Virus affecting humans this year, taking precaution is always recommended! Here's the info you need to protect you and your family.

  9. Giving Back - Holiday Drives

  10. #LoveLP Campaign

  11. Active Shooter Preparedness

  12. Open Carry Information

  13. Zika Virus