Shelter In Place

The Cities of La Porte, Morgan's Point, and Shoreacres will notify citizens of an emergency that requires you to go inside to wait for further instructions. Citizens are alerted to "shelter in place" (go inside) by the outdoor warning sirens which sound a "whoop-whoop" tone. Once inside, citizens will be given further instructions through the city's phone notification system which calls homes and businesses, the city's website, Facebook and Twitter, and local media.

Some emergencies may not warrant citizens to shelter in place. Remember, the sirens will be activated only if citizens should shelter inside to await instructions. The following video gives more details.
Outdoor Warning Sirens
  • Large towers located throughout the community broadcast a "whoop-whoop" tone in all directions
  • When you hear the "whoop-whoop" tone, go inside to Shelter in Place (see below).
  • The Outdoor Warning Sirens are tested each Saturday at Noon.
  • Any other time you hear the outdoor sirens, you should assume an emergency exists and go inside.
Shelter In Place
  • Immediately go inside
  • Close all doors and windows
  • Turn off air-conditioner / heater
  • Stay off your phone in case city officials need to contact you to provide specific instructions
  • Turn on your radio to AM 830 and listen for instructions
  • Bring everyone to one room if possible and seal doors and windows with duct tape, plastic sheeting, etc.
  • Place wet towels at the bottom of doors (keep extras handy)
  • Stay inside until an "all clear" is issued
In Case of Evacuation
In the event city officials call for an evacuation. don't forget to take care of pets before leaving home. Keep all windows and air vents in the car closed. Use special routes designed by local authorities.

An "all clear" is communicated various ways; through a tone sounded over the outside alarms (sounds like an air horn), through the City's phone notification system, website, Facebook, Twitter, etc. When the "all clear" is issued, it is safe to go outside. Open all windows and doors to ventilate your home or business.

When Your Child Is at School
In the event of a chemical emergency, the schools will be notified immediately. When notification of a chemical emergency is received, school officials quickly respond by sheltering children safely in school buildings. Do not atempt to retrieve your child from school. School principals are instructed to keep buildings locked and access restricted when a Shelter in Place is in effect. Opening a door to the outside puts you and your child at risk of being exposed to a potentially dangerous chemical. Remember, we shelter in place to prevent exposure.

Reminder to Parents
If you have children in school:
  • Do not go to the school to pick up your children unless told to do so by school officials. If you go to the school, you may be putting yourself and your children in danger when doors are opened to allow you to remove your children from their safe shelter.
  • Do not try to call your child's school. If there is an emergency, phone lines will be needed for official business. Students will be taken into schools and cared for or evacuated by bus to a safe haven.