Mission Statement & Core Values

The mission of the La Porte Police Department is to work in partnership with the community to prevent crime, assist those who are victims of crime, and improve the quality of life within the City of La Porte through the promotion of a strong sense of security. In fulfilling this mission, the officers and civilian staff members of the La Porte Police Department will strive to:
  • Provide a safe environment for the community we serve through the efficient, effective, and innovative application of available police resources.
  • Foster an environment of public trust, cooperation, and confidence in the police department by maintaining employee accountability and the implementation of a strong community policing philosophy.
  • Implement and embrace best policing strategies, management practices, policies and procedures, and organizational systems that promote open communication, collective responsibility, visionary leadership, fiscal accountability, and organizational effectiveness.
La Porte Police Department Core Values
We pledge to fulfill our mission by being accountable to our community, our department, and to one another.

We recognize the dangers inherent in our profession and are willing to place the safety of others above that of our own.

We value and expect truth, honesty, and ethical behavior from the members of our organization. Honesty and integrity are central to all the values we embrace and we accept that honesty and integrity are the foundation of community trust.

We will exercise self-discipline and control at all times to model behavior for our peers and community.


We recognize the authority we hold and will treat others as we would like to be treated and will, without bias or prejudice, honor our obligation to the community.

Community Service
We will develop programs that seek long-term solutions to community issues through a partnership with the people we serve.

Work Ethic
We advocate a strong work ethic. As a result we will provide high quality service leading to positive results for our community and organization. We endeavor to provide the highest standard of public service.