Chapter 172 Employee/Retiree Insurance & Benefits Board

  • On an as needed basis
Agendas & Minutes
To view the most recent agendas and minutes view the archive or to search and/or view past meeting agendas and minutes and historical records visit the Laserfiche Public Records.


  • Clark Askins, Legal Staff
    No Term
  • Aaron Corrales, Retiree Representative
  • Matt Daeumer, Employee Participant
  • Michael Dolby, Finance Staff
  • Robert Eldridge, Alternate Position 2

  • Martha Gillett, Citizen Position 1
  • Juliane Graham, Citizen Position 2
  • Charles Montgomery, Alternate Position 1
  • Matt Hartleib, Human Resources Staff
    No Term
There are no established terms.

Eligibility Requirements
Members must be a citizen of La Porte, City of La Porte employee or an appointed attorney.

Staff Liaison
  • Matt Hartleib, Human Resources Manager
About the Board
Under Chapter 172 Rules the purpose of the Trustee is to supervise the operation of the Risk Pool.