Solicitor's Registrations

Registration Process

  1. Fill out a City of La Porte Solicitor's Registration Form  and submit to the City Secretary's Office. Once received, the City Secretary’s Office will fax the completed application to the Police Department.
  2. The Police Department will then file a copy of faxed information which includes application and fee payment records in the Solicitors Registration Binder.
  3. The City of La Porte will then provide the applicant with a copy of Registration Form for his/her record.

For-Profit Businesses

For profit businesses selling on business properties or going business-to-business need to complete the registration form as well.

Food-Related Business/Food Truck

1. Review the City of La Porte Fire Marshal's Mobile Food Preparation Vehicle Application Requirements and complete a Mobile Food Unit License Application.

2. Contact the City's Fire Marshal's Office at 281-867-4603 or to schedule an inspection.

3. Acquire a health permit for the vehicle from Harris County Public Health. The City of La Porte does not accept temporary event permits from Harris County Public Health, only the regular, annual health permit. Harris County may also require an inspection by the Harris County Fire Marshal's Office.

4. Complete the City of La Porte's Solicitor’s Registration Form and submit it to the City with the following items:

  • Letter of consent from property owner to solicit on property
  • Copy of annual health permit for the vehicle, from Harris County Public Health
  • Copy of valid driver’s license or I.D. card
  • Receipt for paid registration fee of $15.00. The fee can be paid at the Utility Billing windows in the City Hall lobby, using account code 00100004061200.
Food vendors selling in La Porte for a Parks and Recreation event (ex. league games or Main Street events) will not be required to complete a Solicitor's Registration. They should contact the Parks and Recreation Department directly for requirements and verification. They will not come to the City Secretary's Office.